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AVB Innovation

AVB Innovation is a company that supports you from A to Z with its many years of experience in electrical engineering, mechanical and industrial plant construction. Thanks to the development of modular techniques in the areas of hardware and software we are able to implement and realise customers’ wishes individually. Thus, the machines and industrial plants grow in accordance with the demands of the customer.

We provide competent advice and support in the creation of concepts or by taking over basic project planning and detailed planning such as project planning for storage programmable controls as well as operating and monitoring systems.

We create professional circuit diagrams for control and automation technology, measurement and regulation technology, hydraulics, pneumatics, energy technology, control cabinet layouts and superstructures, and many other areas. 

We build modular control cabinets that allow a problem-free extension to machinery and plants. 

We coordinate your project processes during installation and set-up and during the start-up phase. And as soon as operations have commenced, naturally we remain at your service. As the developer of the plant, we continue to be your direct point of contact for expansions, optimisations and software updates.

We offer a fast, competent and round-the-clock service, thanks to integrated remote action, remote maintenance and detailed alarm administration, in order to minimise machine downtime. We train your employees in using the relevant system and application software.

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Nelkenweg 22
DE-48619 Heek

Tel: +49 (0)2568 93 51 62

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